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Wild Blooms

Sola Flower Daisy

Sola Flower Daisy

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Sola Flower Daisy is hand-crafted from wood by highly skilled Artisans, meaning that each sola flower is unique. No two sola flowers will be identical so it is to be expected that there will be minor differences between them. The colour of this product is like a natural white with natural brown colour. The Sola flowers are not stiff and feel a little bit like foam texture.

you will be provided with a stem with your order and you can decide if you wish to glue it on or leave as is.

PLEASE NOTE: as this product is hand-crafted from natural matterials it is to be expected there will be some minor blemishes. They will also be slightly different in shape, some more rounder than others this is unavoidable. Please purchase only with these expectations in mind.

Head size: 8cm
Stem Length: 30cm
Sizes are Approximate

Stem: wood
Petal: wood

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