Why Artificial and Dried Flowers?

We all love fresh Blooms though they may not always be the right choice for your event or wedding. Here are a few perks to selecting artificial flowers for your Big Day, upcoming event, gift idea or even your next home decor arrangement. We have a wide variety of artificial, dried and preserved flowers availiable at our Gold Coast Queensland showroom or we ship nationwide and internationally. some benefits and information on artificia, dried and preserved flowers below.


Unlike Fresh flowers our artificial flowers are available all year around. We do not have any seasonal restrictions . A great benefit for couples that have particular blooms in mind for thier special day. With our dried and preserved flowers, although they are real flowers thefore do become availiable at different times of the year as they are long lasting it means you may be able to have these during their off seassons to.

Can artificial flowers handle the sun?

One major concern a lot of our clients have with fresh flowers include the fact they wilt during hot seasons, or parts of the country that can be warmer than the rest. This is definitely a possibility in Australia harsh hot climates and in tropical humid states like Queensland. Our blooms can handle the hot sun for your event and will perform for the entire day! We do recommend for long term arrangements to keep them away from sunlight and humidity to help prolong the colours and life expectancy of the bloom.

Do I get to make changes before my event for custom wedding flowers?

We are sure you will love our products! We experience a lot of clients switching from fresh flowers because they enjoy knowing what will show up on the day and enjoy the creation journey helping tailor the arrangements however you like it. Some people crave the surprise but it isn't for everyone.

Our custom arrangements and wedding sets are made to order and we welcome showroom appointment bookings or one of our biggest benefits is we send update photos and videos so you can make adjustments if needed.Allowing you to become immersed in the creation process.

Can I have my order in advance?

Of course! you can have peace of mind knowing that your custom arrangement can be delivered in advance to your event date. This also gives you the flexibility to colour match your dresses, clothing, decor and whatever else you need to plan colours for your event.

Do artificial flowers affect my allergies?

Chronic allergy sufferer? Well good news is that you dont need to worry about being a sneezing mess at your next function as there are no pollens with all our artificial blooms.

My event is international or is in a different state can you help me?

A big bonus about our artificial and dried flowers is that can be safely transported internationally or interstate. We can provide your event flowers prior to your event date.

My event is over, what now?

This is one of the biggest perks of artificial and dried flowers! They can be reused or kept to help remember the amazing moments of your event. Saavy bride? there is a big market for second hand bouquets and you may be able to recoup some of your costs by reselling your event arrangements.

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Costs on Artificial flowers

In general artificial and dried flower arrangements are less expensive or atleast very price competitive to their fresh counterparts. Whilst we cannot guarantee an artificial quote will come in cheaper (varies depending on flower selections) we can assure you we have the competitve edge with the benefits from being able to reuse or resell your custom hire arrangements

Sustainable? What about the environment!

Imported flowers?

In Australia, a majority of our fresh flowers are imported from south America requiring transport via refrigerated aircraft adding a massive carbon footprint from the frequency of the import process and use of fertilizers in their production. And that is just the transport and preservation of fresh flowers, without considering the extensive watering required to a full healthy set of flowers to bloom.


As flowers are not considered an edible product a lot of people are not aware that the import regulations on these flowers are very relaxed allowing them to carry a significant number of pesticides into our country. About one-fifth of the chemicals used in the floral agriculture industry in developing countries are banned in the US. In particular the pesticide Methyl Bromide is used during the growing process and is known to be highly toxic. A great article covering this if you want to read more and become more aware can be found here


Artificial flowers are made in a factory from both new and reused materials to minimise their environmental impact. These are then shipped by sea freight which has a significantly lower impact than its fresh counterpart, maritime shipping produces 10-15 grams of greenhouse emissions per ton-kilometre. Compare that to airplane emissions at 673-847 grams per ton-kilometre.”


Lets take a moment to think about how these flowers are sent to you. Most cut flowers are wrapped in either a non-biodegradable cheap plastic with rubber ties to keep them together and other companies will use a more expensive cellophane which is great as it is made from plant material and breaks down in 2-4 months. The box is generally waxy to help prevent the packaging from breakin down due to the potential of water dripping from the cut stems and ensure it
arrives to you safe and sound however this prevents the cardboard from breaking down as intended.

We send all our artificial and dried blooms in cardboard boxes that can either be reused or will breakdown within 3 months in landfill or are recycled depending on your involvement in your local waste collection. We only use biodegradable wraps when needed to help minimise our impact in every way possible.  

Reduce and reuse!

When the flower has done its job at an event or has sat in your vase etc. well and truly past its expiry date, it carries all of those pesticides into our rubbish and eventually our land fill where it decomposes producing methane which is another greenhouse gas that is hazardous to our ozone layer and to humans.

All of our blooms do not require extensive fertilizers, watering and
industrial machinery to grow them for our use. Our blooms fit well with reusability as the shelf life of fresh flowers can be from a week to a month depending on the flower. Our artificial and dried blooms don’t really have an expiry date but will more fade over time. Every purchase of fresh blooms is a new start to the chain whilst if you reuse your flowers you are reducing the need for importing large quantities frequently compared to fresh minimising our carbon footprint.

Our future!

So when you are planning your next event, thinking about a gift or planning your big day think about the long term and whether you can reuse and take home your memories so you can enjoy them for a longer period of time.